WowThankYou was originally launched in March 2010 to create an on-line resource with UK designed and made products. Over the years our customers have appreciated the fact that all our products are well made, there is a story behind each product and all our sellers are very passionate about what they do.

If you are UK based artisan, designer or maker we’d love you to join our growing community.

Here is what we offer

Shop Features

Your own shop front with description and logo

List as many products as you like

Add as many pictures as you like

Bulk product importer (e.g. from Etsy)

Add variations for colour, size or any other product features

Detailed options for shipping cost

Create your own shop categories

Optimise all products with keywords

Choose up to 4 main categories

Ability to put an account to a holiday mode

Shop Marketing Tools

Feature in our customers newsletter

Feature on our social media

Feature Interview on our blog

Join our own twitter hour

Join with weekly FB showcase of your products

Pin your products on our ‘What’s new on WowThankYou’ Pinterest Board

Create your own sales discounts

Social share button on each product page and your shop

Website Marketing

We promote the website as a whole and provide you with marketing resources and support to promote your own shop

We automatically include all new pro sellers in the newsletter, social media updates and our blog.

Bi-weekly customer newsletters

Social media updates (Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook)

Google & Social media paid advertising

PR & magazines advertisements

Featured Seller with direct link to your shop

Customer Experience

Easy order management

Get in touch with your customer to confirm any details

Customer & seller messaging system

Receive customer feedback and review of your shop

Create a wishlist

Secure Direct Checkout (no need to pay for multiple items separately)

SSL encrypted payments with extra security and fraud detection systems


Sellers Handbook Resources

Shop Manual

Private Facebook Group for sellers only

E-mail support

Monthly sellers newsletter


All accounts include £15 Business Listing Subscription, paid annually. The amount of commission depends on what type of account you wish to have and how much marketing you wish us to do on your behalf. Commission varies from 3% – 15% and is payable on a monthly basis.

What Our Sellers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our sellers do the talking!

What sets WowThankYou apart from the competition is the dedication and passion that Magdalena shows for supporting the British crafter. I put a lot of care and research into my products and am very careful where my items are seen. I am very proud to showcase what I do on WowThankYou.

Woof & Meow

Being a part of WowThankYou is made so easy by having access to my own admin page where I can amend my shop.

Finally there’s a support team of genuine friendly people only a click away!


Muddy Puddle Crafts

The best thing about the site, from a seller’s point of view is being able to list items indefinitely without hoping they sell in a limited time period having been charged to list them as you do on certain auction sites. It’s great to have all handmade items in one place supporting cottage industries.

Knots & String

Special pre-launch deal!

We are re-launching our upgraded website soon and to celebrate we are waiving our usual joining fee. Join us before 31 December 2016 for just £15 a year.


You are only a few steps away from setting up your very own on-line handmade shop…

1 Complete the form below

2 We will get in touch if your application is successful and send you all the details

3 Add your shop details and process your Handmade Business Listing £15 (we will send you the link in the welcome letter)

3 Receive your log in details together with guidance on how best to set up your shop

6 Add your listing to Handmade Business Directory

7 Have a cup of tea, choose the best handmade goodies and load them to your new shop!


We review your application based on the products and pictures you direct us to. If you don’t have a website send us a link to an online photo sharing application such as Flickr or Drop Box or your social media profiles where you have your product photos. Photographs don’t have to be professionally shot, but they need to be clear and your product selection need to be focused to show your brand.

Hi, I’m Magdalena and I’m the person behind WowThankYou.

I’m here to help you to get the most from your presence on WowThankYou and I’m always happy to share my expertise and experience to help you to make your shop the best it can possibly be.

Like you – I’m very passionate about handmade, crafts and art and I’ve always been creative. I made my first ‘handmade product’ when I was about 6 (it was a hand sewn fabric snake, which somehow made it to everyone’s Christmas stocking that year…) and since then I have not stopped making things!

I got a bit de-railed by having a corporate career and for about 12 years I worked for a large social care company until I made myself redundant (being a Managing Director did have some benefits after all…) and finally took the plunge to turn my creative passion into proper business.

That was back in 2011 and now I split my time between working closely with business owners through my mentoring business. I focus mainly on online marketing, social media, websites and SEO. At weekends I share my baking & chocolate making skills with others through my creative business called Cocoa & Heart.

I took over running WowThankYou in summer 2015 and I’m absolutely thrilled to continue championing UK based artisans, crafters and designer through such a wonderful online marketplace. In autumn 2015 I’ve added Handmade Business Directory to work alongside our main website and to provide even further support to our creative sellers.

I look forward to learning more about you and your business and can’t wait to welcome you to our seller’s community!


Can anyone join WowThankYou?

The simple answer is: ‘No, not everyone!’

First of all, you need to be based in the UK and you need to make or design your own products. We don’t like to make unnecessary rules, but you do need to live in the UK and your products need to be handmade or have a handmade element to them. We understand that you can’t handmake every bead if you are creating a retro necklace, but equally we don’t want to support mass produced items made outside the UK. Shopping local and supporting UK based artisans, makers, crafters and artists is our passion, so that’s what we like to champion to our customers.

Quality and a good selection of products across our website is very important to us and that is why we review all seller’s applications before accepting them on to WowThankYou.

Secondly, we select only the best applicants and we like to set our standards high. Here are a few clues to give you an idea what we base our decision on and this criteria applies to all sellers accounts on our website.

  • Clear pictures
  • Imaginative products
  • Coherent product collection
  • Well designed and made products
  • Clear business brand
  • Professional presentation
  • UK based
  • Handmade

You don’t need to be an established business or sell elsewhere. What’s more important is that you have a business vision and that you are committed to your creative business, whether that’s 5 hrs a week or full time.

Even if you are not accepted to sell with us, our Handmade Business Directory is open to everyone, so you are still welcome to join us and use the resources and support to progress to a point where your business will be ready to showcase your products on our marketplace website. You can apply to sell with us any time during your Handmade Business Listing membership and we are always happy to revisit your application at any point.

How do I know what account is best for me?

Standard Account

Best for those who want to have full control of their account

The best value option if you don’t have your own website or sell elsewhere or want to increase your online presence (you will have access to a bulk import tool, which can populate your shop within minutes. And don’t forget we don’t have any listing fees, which means that if your current shop has a lot of products, our standard account is an excellent value option)

Ideal if you currently don’t sell elsewhere or don’t even have a shop element on your website or blog (you will have a custom domain within our website, that you can easily add to your existing blog or website)

You will have all the resources and opportunities to get involved with WowThankYou’s overall marketing, but you keep all the profits (well minus 3% commission, but that’s as low as we can possibly make it)

Pro Account

Ideal for those who already have established businesses, but are looking for another venue to sell their products

Once you set up your shop, we review it and take responsibility for your shop marketing

P&P is either free or at a nominal cost

12 months minimum contract to stay with WowThankYou to allow us to effectively market your shop


How can you help me to promote my shop?

Yes, of course, that’s why we are here!

Standard Account

Once you process your shop subscription, you will receive your own ‘ready to go’ shop on WowThankYou. We will provide you with resources to help you set up your shop in the best possible way. This includes sellers only access to WowThankYou’s resource portal, website manual and private Facebook Group. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved directly and we can also support you to promote your shop and your business through our resources and Handmade Business Directory website. We provide ‘hands on’ support via our community page and have over 20 years of experience of running successful craft businesses.

Our resources include everything to help you to promote your shop – social media, blogging, search engine optimisation, focus on customers, shop descriptions, how to take best photos and much more.

You will also have the opportunity to be included in our regular customer newsletter (reaching around 13.5 K customers each week), social media platforms (with over 8K twitter followers and over 24K likes on Facebook), to be featured as seller on our blog and included in our online Gift Guides.

Pro Account

We do all your shop marketing for you. You are welcome to join in as many marketing activities that we currently run for our self-managed accounts (standard account), but that’s up to you.

This type of account works well if you’d like to add another selling stream to your current business mix, but don’t have the time to promote your shop directly.

Once you process your shop subscription, you will receive your own ‘ready to go’ shop on WowThankYou. We will provide you with resources to help you set up your shop in the best possible way. This includes sellers only access to WowThankYou’s resource portal, website manual and private Facebook Group.

Once you have your shop set up, we will help you to optimise it for search engines as well as for customers. We will also review your shop before it goes live and then start to market it for you.

We will help you to market your shop and you will automatically be included in our regular customer newsletter (reaching around 13.5 K customers each week), social media platforms (with over 8K twitter followers and over 24K likes on Facebook), to be featured as seller on our blog and included in our online Gift Guides. Your product will also be prominently featured on our website, categories and blog.

Is Handmade Business Directory Listing included?

Yes, of course! All shop options include annual business listing on UK Handmade Business Directory worth £15. Your listing will include direct links to your website, social media and description. This means that your business will also be promoted directly as a whole, not just as your shop on WowThankYou. We also have another friendly Facebook Group for Handmade Business Members with lots of ways of having your shop or website promoted. This includes Blog Share Wednesday Link Party, Facebook Shares, promotion of your events (if you run creative workshops for instance) and online networking.

How does the buying and selling on WowThankYou actually work?

Once you become a member of WowThankYou you will be sent via email your username and password details, where you can access your own store to load, amend or delete products. From this admin area you will also be able to set up your Store’s profile page, monitor traffic to both your storefront and individual products, receive and reply to enquiries from customers, check orders and invoices.  You have total control over your products and can add and amend however often you wish. There is no limit on how many products you list in your shop. You can create your own discount codes, set up your own categories and have as many variations on individual products as you wish.

How do I get paid?

The payment method is quite simple. When a customer purchases something from your shop, you are paid the full amount directly into your own account. You will receive two emails – one from WowThankYou with order details and one direct from our payment system informing you that the customer has paid. You then make and dispatch the product directly to the customer. Each month we will invoice you for commission relevant to your account on the sales you’ve made that month (once the amount of commission reaches £2). Invoice is automatically processed via our integrated payment system.

I have more questions, who can I contact?

Yes, of course, you are welcome to contact us directly on magdalena (at) wowthankyou (dot) co (dot) uk and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Where can I see the full Terms & Conditions?

Yes, of course, here is all the small print! You can view our full terms and conditions here

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