Join us for a practical challenge...

…and get your creative business ready for 2017

Creative Business Course

Make 2017 the best year
of your creative business!

30 days full of marketing tips, practical tutorials and resources to get your creative shop and business ready for 2017 and beyond!

START DATE: Start anytime

DURATION: The content is spaced out to avoid overwhelm across about 30 days

WHERE: Join us from anywhere – it’s all online!

SKILL LEVEL: Beginners level (with optional advanced strategies included)


FREE for members (Handmade Business Directory, WowThankYou shop subscription accounts, Handmade Kent Business Listing)

£15 for everyone else, which includes annual directory listing and all the other benefits that go with it


DELIVERY: Content is delivered via e-mail with 2-3 micro lessons each week. The membership website includes printouts, planners, checklists and other resources. Access to Facebook Group where you can ask any questions you want and your tutor and fellow students will help you along the way.

This is for you if…

You would like to pick up practical tips on how to run your own creative business successfully and take action at the same time!

This mini course or a challenge if you like, is more about ‘doing’ than just learning, with lots of practical tips thrown in.  I’m sure that some of this information won’t be completely new to you, but it’s all about dedicating time to take action and having somebody to guide you through this – that’s when the magic happens…

Great Content

Practical and up to date online marketing advice that’s tried and tested. Written by an experienced crafts person and business owner.

Practical Tips

Written in an engaging style with tips that are easy to implement, but make a big difference.

Friendly Support

Friendly learning community in our Facebook Group with Magdalena available every day to support you through the challenge.

Lifetime Access

You’ll have a lifetime access to the challenge material, which means you can come back to the course anytime you want.

Here’s what we will be
working on…

Customer Focus

Understand who your ideal customer is and learn how this can shape your business.


Review your current range of products and learn how to create a best seller.


Review your current branding and create a coherent look for your business.


Learn how to take the best pictures of your products.


How to make sure that your product pricing works for you and your customer.


Easy ways to identify and implement the best keywords for your products and pages.

Product Descriptions

Practical ways to tackle product descriptions to get more website visitors and sales.

Social Media

Get more focused with your social media, create your own plan and start seeing results.


Easy marketing ideas that can take just 10 minutes a day to action.

Craft Fairs

How to make the most from attending craft fairs and tips on selling.

Seasonal Tips

Tips on how to make the most from seasonal sales.


Tips on websites, newsletter software, picture editing and other online resources.

What’s the cost?


If you already have a business listing on Handmade Business Directory, Handmade Kent or have a WowThankYou subscription based shop


as part of your membership


If you currently don’t have a business listing on Handmade Business Directory, Handmade Kent or don’t have a WowThankYou subscription based shop


Annual subscription


I’m Magdalena Marsden and I’m here to help you to get the most of your online presence and I’m happy to share my expertise and experience to help you to make your online shop (or website) even better and more profitable.

Like you – I’m very passionate about handmade, crafts and art and I’ve always been creative. I made my first ‘handmade product’ when I was about 6 (it was a hand sewn fabric snake, which somehow made it to everyone’s Christmas stocking that year…) and since then I have not stopped making things.

So, by the time I grew up I was making my own clothes, knitted my own socks and made my own jewellery. Not everything went always right and I had my fair share of fashion disasters. Good job it was the 80s & 90s when having just one earring (because I couldn’t get the second one to look exactly the same…) or long stripey knitted dress (oh, yes !) wasn’t that unusual.

I got a bit de-railed by having a corporate career and for about 12 years I worked for a large social care company until I made myself redundant (being a Managing Director did have some benefits after all…) and finally took the plunge to turn my passion into proper business.

That was back in 2011 and now I split my time between working closely with business owners through my mentoring business ( Magdalena Marsden ) and at weekends I share my baking & chocolate making skills with others through Cocoa & Heart. I’m also proud founder of boutique business directory focusing on handmade business in Kent (Handmade Kent) and nationwide Handmade Business.

In 2015 I had the most amazing opportunity to take over running WowThankYou, which proudly supports UK based artisans, makers and craftspeople through online marketplace.

I look forward to learning more about you and your business and can’t wait to get started!


Frequently Asked Questions

How much time do I need to do this course?

While this course is about learning, the main focus here is on the ‘doing’. It’s good to leave yourself at least 30 minutes to read through the topic, join the discussion in our private Facebook group and apply any improvements to your online shop. Some days, you might need a little longer, but we have weekends ‘free’ to catch up.

The chances are that some tasks started during the challenge will be on your ‘to do list’ and you will be coming back to them time and time again as you progress with improving your shop and online presence.

The actual time spent each week depends on how much work your online shop or website actually needs. If you allocate 1-2hrs for each topics, you should have plenty of time to make good headway.

And of course, if you are already an expert in certain topics – great, you can always support others to achieve the same level of excellence!

You will have a lifetime access to the course material while you have a business listing with us, so you are welcome to come back anytime you like.

How do I know if I'm a member?

This course is free to our members and you are a member if you have the following:

Handmade Business Directory Listing

WowThankYou subscription type of seller’s account (most accounts joining WTY after Sept 2015)

Handmade Kent Business Listing

If you are really not sure – just contact me here.

I'd love to join, but I'm not a member

That’s fine too. You are welcome to join before you start the course. You only need to join us at the level of the standard business listing (£15). You can find out more about the benefits of your business listing here (and join too). If you’d prefer a Kent based directory listing you are welcome to join here.

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