Join our free support group specially set up to support UK based creative businesses

Handmade Business Club is a private group for handmade, creative business owners based in UK. This group is run as part of Handmade Business Directory and it’s free to access. This group is run by Magdalena Marsden, creative business owner, crafts person and practical business coach. Magdalena has been running successful craft business for many years and understands how important it is to have a support of fellow creative people.

To keep this group a happy place, we do have a few rules:No advertising or selling unless it’s on a days, where we encourage you to share your work * Respect other people’s ideas and products, please don’t copy or be ‘inspired too closely’ * Respect others views and opinions

To give you the chance to network, promote your work and make you more visible, here is what we do: Motivation Monday – Tell us what you are planning this week and how we can support you. Showcase Tuesday – Tell us what’s new in your handmade shop and share it on our main FB page (the post is open all day and is promoted via FB marketing later) Blog Share Wednesday – Share your latest blog and join our link party over on ‘Handmade Business’ website Social Media Party Thursday – Share your social media links with the group and then join us for a Handmade Business hour on Twitter 8-9pm We always work closely with all our group members, so if there is anything else you’d like us to help with, just ask!

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