from here you can access your available resources, add your handmade business to our directory or activate your own online shop. Best wishes Magdalena & The team

Most of the following features come FREE as part of your Handmade Business Directory membership. Please keep the link to this page safe for future reference.

List your business

List your business in our handmade directory. Your comprehensive listing includes website and social media links, description, photos, map (if you have a shop or a physical business).


Facebook Group

Why not join our private Facebook group for more support and networking. Our group is essentially non-promotional, focusing on sharing experiences, building relationships and networking. We do, however have a regular posts for sharing your latest blog, new products or social media links.


Open your on-line shop

Open your very own on-line shop with our craft & artisan selling platform. To activate your shop just complete this simple form, which helps us to set up your shop. Depending on what type of subscription you currently have there might be a joining fee payable. (This also depends on what offers we have at the time of applying, but in the past joining fee varied from £0 to £45).

Your login details together with sellers handbook online resources, shop manual and other useful information will be e-mailed to you in return. Your shop will stay open as long as you remain a member of Handmade Business Club. You can find out more about our selling platform here.


Grab your advertisement

You are welcome to e-mail us your featured advertisement which will be displayed prominently in our Handmade Business Directory. The advertisement will have a link to your website (or page on your website that you prefer to advertise). Please make sure that the advertisement format is square. It could be just your logo or even specially designed advertisement for a particular product or service. That’s entirely up to you. We will automatically resize your design and your advertisement will display in about 155×155 pixels square. Our e-mail is hello@handmadebusinessdirectory.co.uk

Feature Blog Interview

To submit your Featured Interview Post, please e-mail it to hello@handmadebusinessdirectory.co.uk together with up to 9 photos and links which you would like to add to your post and individual photo. If your photo is for a service or a product let us have the prices too and we will add them to your post. You can find an example of featured interview here.

If you have any questions, contact us here:

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