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I couldn’t help but noticing that outside the weather been somewhat varied to say the least. Blowing hot and cold. One moment the sun’s out; the next, the umbrellas are out in force.  And that’s the same in the world of the self-employed and those with small businesses. Just like the changeable weather, no two days are ever exactly the same.

Recently, we’ve been exploring different venues for our workshops. Sometimes, you don’t realise that just around the corner, there’s a local church with a decent size community hall, that’s only too willing to rent out the space to local residents. And don’t forget that with it comes the opportunity to appeal to all those who also use the hall for a variety of leisure time activities. So these days, that’s not just church goers. Social media can help with lots of things, but sometimes, it requires a bit of legwork to get out there and see exactly what sort of facilities are in your neighbourhood. Or just an enquiring mind and a brave nature to go behind closed doors. So if you’re the sort of person who attends local keep fit or evening classes and can’t pass by a noticeboard, even if it’s in your local supermarket without glancing at the content, the chances are that you’re not the only one. Although we’re lucky enough to get people traveling considerable distances to attend our chocolate and bread baking courses, sometimes, it pays to go and be local.

While you’re being daring, have you ever entered a competition for an award?

Well, if you’re quick, now’s the ideal time. First launched in 2014, Mollie Makes Handmade Awards is a celebration of all things handmade. For those lucky enough to be shortlisted, there’s a full day of workshops and mentoring supported by Pinterest, Pavilion Books, Crafternoon Cabaret, not to mention the Mollie Makes team.

You’ll have to be quick though as the closing date for entry is 11.59pm BST on 22 May 2016 and the shortlisted finalists will be invited to present to judges on 7 July 2016. There are five categories to enter; youth, start up, established business, creative idea and handmade champion. To enter, you simply need to create a board on a Pinterest with your story, ideas or products to show why you would deserve to win. So, if you’re already on Pinterest, start snapping and pinning away. It’s a great way to more than just take stock of your own business but also tell others about what you’ve been up or celebrate a new product line or idea!

Whatever the weather, don’t forget to think ‘local’ when promoting your creative business and good look with the awards!

But enough of talking, lets get linking, commenting and sharing!

Look forward to reading all your blogs!


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