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This week, I’ve been thinking a lot about ‘what a successful business means to me’. Is there a moment when you finally think you’ve arrived? When all your hard work has paid off and you can sit back with a well deserved drink and say that truly your business is now on the map?
It might not be that John Lewis accepted your new product line and want 10,000 by next Friday, or that you successfully pitched to Lord Sugar or even that Theo Papitis retweeted you on Sunday night.
Small success for small businesses.Small steps on the long road to success are equally important especially when they are a pleasant surprise.
One such small note of recognition happened to me when I was searching in my website Google analytics in the small hours as you do. Amongst all the data, I came across a search for Magdalena Marsden, entrepreneur. Mo matter that it was misspelt. Someone looking for me had entered the word ‘entrepeneur’ next to my name! I just happened to mention this to my husband over a late breakfast.
Poetry in motion he said. What ?, I said.
Well, you’re only a poet when someone else calls you by that name.
So much for small victories along the way. Now, I must look up what being an entrepreneur actually means.
I’ve a title to live up to…

But enough of talking, lets get linking, commenting and sharing!

Look forward to reading all your blogs!


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