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Art Prints For The Home produces non-traditional popular culture art prints. All our art prints are designed and made from hand cut lino block art work, which is produced by designer & artist team, Rab & Sam.

We use traditional artisan tools to create carvings of interesting items & objects separately. This ranges from fruit & veg to flora and fauna and even galactic and space themed carvings. We have also carved a full alphabet which is based on the classic ‘Frontage’ typography, a timeless modern font dating back to the cafe culture of the 1950’s.

After each individual lino carving is hand printed in solid black ink we dry and scan the art work, and through the process of digitalisation, begin the fun work of colouring and styling the many images and objects into unique and interesting art prints.

We make sure to preserve the beautiful imperfections of the lino, from the release of the ink on the paper to the small scratch and carve marks on the edges. The result is a unique and interesting reproduction art work that boasts a wide colour range and scale.

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