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Hilary Burton started designing and making jewellery in the spare room of her Bondi Beach apartment. In 2010, she established her brand, ‘Hilary & June’, and began selling online and in selected retail stores.

We draw inspiration from our love of music, nature and pop culture when designing our collections. All of our pieces are personally designed and handmade from locally sourced, quality, hallmarked sterling silver and pure gold.

Creating something beautiful from a plain sheet of metal is what we love the most. But the truly special stage of our process is when we get to hand stamp a personalised message. We consider it a real privilege to pass on a message from a husband to a wife, a daughter to a mother, a father to a son.

Hilary&June has grown from a spare room in Sydney to a professional studio in the UK. It’s been a wonderful journey so far, and we are so grateful for everything we have. The next chapter, who knows…….

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