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Hi I’m Janet and I hope you like my cross stitch kits.

I have been stitching and crafting since I was a girl, with my Mum teaching me how to knit and sew. My love of sewing really kicked off when I was about 16 and I inherited a box full of fabric from an old family friend. I suddenly realised that with a little bit of time and effort I could have a brand new wardrobe full of clothes that would be unique to me. I was hooked!

Over the years my passion for sewing has seen me spend hours doing dressmaking and making curtains, blinds and cushions for my home. But in the background I have always had a love of cross stitch and embroidery and that is where I now find I spend most of my creative hours – and it really can be hours!

My first cross stitch design was for a Christmas card I wanted to make for my Mum. I had spent hours crawling the internet, but couldn’t find any simple modern designs that were suitable. So I decided to create my own. From there the designing took off and now I spend as much time create the designs as I do stitching – and I love it.

I have stitched all of the designs I offer as cross stitch kits, as I want to be sure that there are no mistakes in the patterns and that the thread colours truly work as well as I thought they would. So you can be confident when you buy one of my kits that it will work out just as well as you hoped it would.

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