Categories: Home Decor

Mr James Robert Hollis

James Hollis Art James Hollis ArtArt
Work Phone: 07813402294 Website: James Hollis Art
Categories: Home Decor, Mixed Media Crafts

Mrs Lisa Hyatt

Alana Phoenix & Co
Work Phone: 07974297992
Categories: Home Decor

Mr Ryan Adam Jones

Modern Vintage Gift Co.
Website: Modern Vintage Gift Co.
Categories: Home Decor, Textiles

G. Gemma Keith

Owner Gemma Keith Designs
Home Phone: 07712681838 Website: Online Shop
Categories: Home Decor, Personalised Prints & Pictures

Suzanne Kirk

Owner Studio Stitches
Categories: Textiles

Mrs Eileen Kitts

Categories: Home Decor, Jewellery, Personalised Prints & Pictures, Uncategorized

Ladybird Beads

Website: Ladybird Beads
Categories: Jewellery

Mrs Julia Lafferty

Julia Lafferty Paintings from Cornwall
Home Phone: 01841521982 Website: Julia Lafferty
Categories: Home Decor

Laser Inspired Designs

Contact: Sam Bentley
Cell Phone: 07967 808728 Website: Website
Categories: Uncategorized


Textile, Home Accessories and Gifts Contact: Laura Nicolson
Work Fax: 07886035645
Categories: Home Decor, Textiles
Categories: Home Decor

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