Welcome to Handmade Business Directory!

A few tips on completing your business listing:

Not all fields are necessary, only fill in what’s relevant to your business.

Complete what you wish to have shown on your business listing – e.g. if you are a shop or run creative workshops you might like to be listed on our map, but on-line business might not like their address shown. If you add your full address, map display will be automatically added to your listing.

There is no word limit in your business description and you can use ‘notes’ tab for more information about your business. This could be useful for special offers or list of services.

If you can’t find a category that fits your business, select ‘Uncategorized’ and we will add the category that fits best your business once you submit your listing.

Your logo will be displayed in the main body of your listing and the additional picture displays in your business bio.

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