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If you are a creative person, the chances are that you already have a blog on your website and you occasionally blog. But sometimes, it can be exhausting to try to think about new topics all the time.

And sometimes, if you are not sure about the next topic, you stop blogging completely. Which, of course is a shame, because websites with relevant blog content, which is being updated regularly bring more organic traffic then websites without a blog.

Our blog keywords research is perfect if you are just starting your own blog or wish to increase relevant traffic to your existing blog and website. Once you know the right keywords, not only do you have the next topics for your blog posts, but you also know that the time you spend blogging is going to be focused and will bring results.

The blog keywords research will include 26 long tail keywords which you can use as blog titles. This means that if you write a blog twice a month, you will have a whole year worth of content!

The reason why this blog keywords research is effective is because I will be first reviewing your current blog and website. I will be looking at how your blog and website ranks currently and analysing keywords that already brings your website to page 2 or 3 or 4, but not to the first page. This way it’s much easier to improve your website traffic and bring potential customers to your website, then trying to rank for words that are too general and your stronger competitors will always rank better than you.

How does the blog keywords research work?

  • Please process your payment first and add a link to your website in the ‘notes to the seller’
  • I’ll then let you know when your work can be scheduled in (usually within 5 working days) and contact you for more information that I’ll need to have before I start the research
  • I’ll review your website/blog and e-mail you a list of long tail keywords (approx 26-30) with a step by step on how to use them. These long tail keywords will be in a form of a blog post titles (or I’ll suggest how to add them to your existing blog posts). This will also include an easy to follow step by step guide on how to add your keywords to your Meta tags, descriptions and the whole blog.
  • I’ll also include relevant suggestions on how to improve your website from a blogging point of view
  • I’ll also look into how to strengthen your internal website structure and look into your internal linking between your blog and your website (even if it’s on one platform/website)
  • I will also include any resources that I think might be useful
  • This review also includes support after your action plan is produced and you have 21 days after completion to contact me with any questions
  • If you need more detailed help, or focus on a particular area, I can also offer a follow up consultation

To complete your blog keywords research I will be looking at:

  • What you are doing well and how to build on it
  • Your current website copy and blog
  • Your social media presence
  • Your website google analytics (I will need a temporary access to your google analytics. I keep all passwords safe and I recommend that you change your password before and after). I will only need to view your statistics, I don’t need access to any settings or to change any details.
  • Your business competition – (I’ll need a list from you before I start)


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