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Find out how to improve your website and attract more customers.



This practical website review is perfect for those creative businesses that have already set up their website and are now looking for advice on how to fine tune their website. They are also looking to bring more relevant traffic and increase their website conversion and sales.

I will review your website, critique it, and send you a Word document that tells you (in jargon-free plain English) how your website could be improved. I’ll be focusing on the main pages of your website (home page, about, contact, blog posts, products etc.) more in depth, but I’ll take into account the website as a whole.

This is a professional and personalised website review. I’ll detail what’s wrong with the usability of your website, where the design may be letting you down, where the typography is not making it easy for people to use your website or where you need to improve your images.

How does this website review work?

  • Please process your payment first and add link to your website in the ‘notes to the seller’
  • I’ll then let you know when your work can be scheduled in (usually within 5 working days) and ask you for any relevant information (e.g. if you wish me to focus on a particular area of your website)
  • I’ll review your website and e-mail you an action plan with list of improvements and suggestion on how to improve your website.
  • I will also include any resources that I think might be useful.
  • This review also includes support after your action plan is produced and you have 21 days after completion to contact me with any questions
  • If you need more detailed help, or focus on a particular area, I can also offer an individual consultation

To complete your practical website review I will be looking at:

  • What you are doing well and how to build on it
  • Website copy including shop products description
  • Legal requirements
  • Visitors flow & website structure
  • Layout & Design
  • Branding & Logo and Photography
  • Typography & Colours
  • Basic SEO (keywords, links, metatags), but this review doesn’t include in depth SEO review
  • Customer’s conversion & call to action
  • Website technical functionality (e.g. speed)


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