Let us help you to share your creative business with 1000s of amazing fans

We are here to help your creative business and get your products in front of our followers and your potential customers. We’ll share your product or shop on three different social media platforms to help you to get the best exposure. And what’s more, we love to keep in touch with everyone afterwards and are always happy to share or retweet if you tag us or directly post on our timeline. Our social media fan base (WowThankYou & Handmade Business) is around 24k Facebook, 9K Twitter and 2.1K Instagram.

To apply for your social media feature, please complete the form below. We review all applications within 3 working days and if you are selected, we will get in touch by e-mail and also send you your invoice. Once paid, your social media feature will be scheduled to go live either at the earliest week available or the week that you choose. Your feature post will stay on our social media platforms, creating a permanent link to your business. And since we are all about supporting UK based creative businesses, we approve only UK based applications.

Social Media Feature Application
Your feature will be shared on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter spaced out across one week.
We will use this e-mail to get in touch with you, if your application is successful and also to send you your PayPal invoice.
We will use this e-mail to send you your PayPal invoice.
By 'feature' we mean one photo/description/link across all applicable social media.
We can either run your feature for the next available week, or if you have a date in mind, just let us know (e.g. you are planning a specific promotion)
e.g. you are running a competition, launching a new product, would like to share a discount code for your shop etc. We might need to shorten your caption for twitter, so keep it to 1-2 sentences if you can. Please include any hashtags you would like us to use (we will include other relevant hashtags to optimise your post)
You can direct us to a specific product you'd like us to promote for you or just to your website or social media (and we will select the best picture to represent your brand) We will add direct url to your Facebook and Twitter post, but for Instagram we will tag your username.
From time to time we issue a special discount code. If you have one, just enter it here and we will make sure your invoice is amended.

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