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We wanted to start Handmade Business Directory as a hub of support for creative business owners in UK. It’s not just a ‘directory’ but a blog with useful business advice specifically written for creative business owners. We also want to include feature interviews with our Handmade Business Club members and we are happy to include blogs from guest bloggers.

In summer 2015 the Handmade Business Directory become additional resource for WowThankYou – a well established handmade market place, which we are proud to carry on running.

So, look around, join us, find us on social media or join our free Facebook group – we are always happy to connect with like minded creative people!

Meet the team



Editor in chief & Founder of Handmade Business Directory

Magdalena is a small business owner, strategic business consultant in her day job, but also passionate about all things handmade.

She has always been creative, but got slightly derailed in pursuing her passion, by working in a corporate world until 2010, when she started her first creative business Cocoa & Heart. Magdalena is also proud owner of WowThankYou and founder of Handmade Kent and Handmade Business Directory.

Favourite Ice Cream: Apricot Sorbet or Pistachio (can I have both?)

Expert on: British Radio Comedy since 1948 (which no person under the age of 40 should be, especially if one is Czech)

Favourite Hobby: Playing guitar and walking on dismantled railways (possibly not at the same time)


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