Do you have a creative business based in the UK? Then you are in the right place!


Supportive Community

A hub of like minded people, creative business owners, that are here to support you. You will feel at home with a chance to network, meet new people and learn from each other.

Facebook Group

Our  Facebook Group is free for everyone who owns a creative business in UK. It’s purposefully small to allow everyone to share their experiences, ask questions and network in a comfortable environment. This is mainly a ‘non-promotional’ group, but you are welcome to showcase your business through regular spots for social media, blog or your latest product or design.

Business Directory Listing

Make your creative business more visible! Your business will have it’s own comprehensive listing, including links to your website, contact details and social media.

Our Creative Marketplace

As a member you are welcome to apply to sell on our creative market place. WowThankYou focuses on supporting UK based artisans and makers. Established in 2010, WowThankYou now hosts over 550 shops and provides the perfect opportunity for anyone starting their own creative business or wishing to gain more exposure for their existing business.

Business Step Up

Have a regular spot on our Handmade Business blog to promote your latest projects, new products or share ‘from behind the scenes’ of your business with our readers.


Social Media Marketing

We understand how social media can have a positive impact on your creative business. So, depending on which level of support you choose, we are here to give you all the knowledge you need and even directly promote your business on our website and social media.

Ready to join us?

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes this Business Directory different?
This is definitely not just another business directory! The clever bit is that this is a blog first and a directory second – this keeps Mr.Google happy. The main aim of the blog is to showcase creative business across the UK, provide useful information on how to run an art or craft business and much more!
If I join, can I be automatically accepted to sell on WowThankYou?

Your shop on WowThankYou is a special bonus that we thought would help you to develop your creative business and give you the opportunity to start selling online. However it is at our discretion who we invite to sell with us. We want to keep the quality and selection of product as high as possible and because of that, automatic shop inclusion is not possible. If you are thinking of becoming a Handmade Business Member because you would like to sell on WowThankYou, please contact us in advance (including link’s where we can see your work) and we can let you know if your business would be accepted or not. Even if you are not accepted to sell with us, our Handmade Business Directory is open to everyone, so you are still welcome to join us and use the resources and support to progress to a point where your business will be ready to showcase your product on our marketplace website. You can apply to sell with us any time during your Handmade Business Listing membership and we are always happy to revisit your application any time. Here are few clues to give you an idea what we base our decision on:

  • Clear pictures
  • Imaginative products
  • Coherent product collection
  • Well designed and made products
  • Clear business brand
  • Professional presentation
  • UK based
  • Handmade

You don’t need to be an established business or sell elsewhere. What’s more important is that you have a business vision and that you are committed to your creative business, whether that’s 5 hrs a week or full time.

Is there any additional cost involved?

Depending on your level of membership with Handmade Business Directory there is also a one off joining fee. This also depends what offers we have at the time you apply. In the past this varied from £0 to £45. We don’t charge for listing your products (in fact you can have as many products in your shop as you like), but there is currently 10% commission on sale of any product to cover transaction fees and to contribute towards hosting your shop. Out market place – WowThankYou – has it’s own sellers support group, resources and plenty of ways of getting involved in marketing your shop.

How do I know whether I can join?
Our main aim is to support small creative handmade businesses based in the UK, but the description is here as a guide. You will perfectly fit in if you run a family owned tearoom, sewing workshops or run a small food production. As long as you are not a big corporation with international branches in Dubai (just letting my imagination going wild here… ) then you are very welcome!
How do I know what to write about in my blog post?

Don’t worry, it might be a bit daunting to write your first blog for another website. We will provide you with some examples and helpful hints and tips in our regular newsletter just for members. For your Business Interview, we will send you a simple questionnaire that will guide you through your blog. P.S. Blog submission is certainly not a  requirement of your membership, but it’s a great way of showcasing your business in kind of  non-salesy way and if you are not regularly blogging, this will bring extra traffic to your own website.

I have more questions, who can I contact?
Yes, of course, feel free to contact us through our contact form just here. We will do our best to answer your questions within 48 hrs.
When will my membership start?

Your business directory listing will start from the day you have submitted your listing and run for a full 12 months. So, you are welcome to join us any time during the year. We have monthly or annual subscriptions available if you wish to become a Handmade Business Club member and again, these start as soon as you join!

What are my responsibilities as a member?
Like with many other things, you will get more out of your membership the more you put in! It is your responsibility to let us know about any updates to your listing, take an active part in our on-line groups and submit your blogs and interviews on time.
I'm not sure, whether this is for me, but can I still stay in touch?
Yes, of course! You are welcome to join our free newsletter, which will keep you up to-date with our blog as well as what’s happening in our business community.

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