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My name is Ana,

I am an artist-printmaker and a surface pattern designer. I am in love with florals and nature and long walks on the beach. I am a compulsive dog smoocher and yoga enthusiast and in 2015 I left London for a quieter life in West Sussex where I could soak up the atmosphere of beautiful countryside and create create create…

In the world dominated by ever-changing fashion, I felt the need to design a beautiful product for the sophisticated and quietly stylish for those who value quality and timeless style but are not afraid of bold gestures; a simple accessory that turns heads, a perfect handmade product created with love and passion bringing joy to you without making a huge dent in a family budget.

And so I am happy to welcome you to my Shop selling my original watercolour and ink designs on phone cases and personalised illustrations. I hope you will be able to find something you absolutely love!


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