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If you love stationery then you are in the right place. A “fanatic” is defined as a person/people overenthusiastic about an interest – that’s us we are fanatical about stationery! Attention to detail is paramount and there was considerable research and testing to find the perfect elements for our paper products.

We are proud to put our name to our range of notebooks and planners and love spending time researching unusual stationery items, experimenting with new designs and pads in the workshop based in Dundee, Scotland.

The Write On It Team are on a mission

  • Save a dying art – ditch technology (where possible) and write by hand more often.
  • Take control – achieve a better work/fun balance using paper planners, checklists or notepads to organise our time more efficiently and create more “me time”
  • Have a great looking desk with stylish stationery (without breaking the bank)
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